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Strange boosting on wrx

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Hi all,

I have a strange boost thing happening on my 2004 WRX and wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.

I can take the car out and it’ll boost to somewhere between 12-14psi sort of level (hard to get the exact figure with position of gauge), if I am easy on it then it’s fine, if I happen to floor it and keep it on boost for a few seconds, say overtaking a slow moving car for example then it’ll limit the boost to 7psi for a few miles. After which it’ll be back up in the normal range until I do something to upset it again. 
Could this be a boost control issue? Maybe a faulty part so maybe it’s over boosting slightly and chucking it in to limp mode, or maybe something else.

No modifications other than a dump valve and the boost gauge. Running on super unleaded 99% of the time. 

I don’t take the car out every day, maybe once or twice a week as I have a daily driver that’s more economical on the fuel. 

Any Input welcome as I would love to get this solved asap.


Many thanks 

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Sounds like you have a leak - easy on the throttle gives boost but as soon as you up the level it limits it. Try spraying some brake cleaner on the pipes under your bonnet whilst it is idling (carefully around the hot spots) and see if the revs rise

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