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I have owned a Forester since they were first introduced to the UK. ( 1989 I think ) I do not recommend the Diesel model, you would be disappointed. The 2.5 turbo Petrol will give you a huge grin, with its Sports car like performance, but likely to give you head gasket problems. Go for an XC or luxury model, manual, with an additional low ratio gear lever and all season tyres. and it should rarely let you down. I have an XC and an XLN -which I prefer. -The XC has given me some problems with the electrics. One of my Foresters -regularly serviced - gave me 250,000 trouble free miles and in 2010 - living in deep forested land- during the huge snow falls, climbed the steep forest hills -in low ratio - with ease. It was my work horse and carried my two Great Danes also.

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