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What do I sell it for


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Hi all its a sad time but I have to sell my ImprezasI have looked around at prices and it varies a lot. I would be grateful for any advice. One car is an 05 WRX Sti which is excellent inside an out. A new front subframe has just been fitted and I have put Bilstein manual adjustable Coilovers on it when the suspension started knocking. I had all of the suspension mounts renewed with Bilstein ones and any worn bushes under the car replaced. Lots of other parts fitted when needed. It’s only done 67500 miles and the engine hasn’t been messed with except it had a Turbosmart blow off valve when I got it and I didn’t want to mess changing it back. I have a low mileage 2007 DType Impreza Sti with a forged engine but a a slight cam rattle on start that goes quiet when warm. It’s only done 64000 and body is excellent. I can send pictures, if it helps but what should I reasonably expect. A trader offered 10,000 cash for my 05 but it seemed a bit low, is it? I am disabled and can’t drive them much anymore so would like to sell them but not get ripped off.Any advice on value and selling would be appreciated



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Prices are all over the shop at the min, best bet have a nosey on autoitrader and see what some similar ones are going for and price accordingly, bear in mind a trader will low ball you as they will be trying to make a profit on it

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