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HID automatic leveling doesnt work

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New in this forum. Not new in any other forum or in mechanics....

But, this is the first Subaru (we actually bought this one couple of weeks ago) I am working any problem solving on.

Its a 2009 2,5Tdi with Xenon low beam. High beam is regular halogen, H7.
And tonight driving in dark - I actually first notised I had Xenon and that, it was pointing right up! So the automatic leveling doesnt work.
I checked the fault codes before we bought it but I didnt even open the hood..... 
There is nothing to find in my Autel, that has anaything to do with headlights. No fuses either.
Both headlights point to the sky. 

An usual problem? Where to start?
I would be very thankfull for any help.

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On my 2008 SG9 Forester with similar hedalight arrangement the levelling sensor and associated lever is attached to one of the rear suspension legs (can't recall which side), the pivots of the link which looks like a very small drop link can seize up which then leads to the bracket snapping, i'm guessing your car has a similar system.

If you find the link hanging off then you could temporarily cable tie or wire it in an approximate position that gives you an acceptable beam setting whilst you sort out a permanent fix.

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depending on midel, the impreza's leveling is done by mechanical linkage, but on the front lower arm, it tends to corrode and break off !Removed! up the leveling, as mentioned above. proper fix is a new lower arm, but in reality a quick weld will prob solve the problem 😉

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Ok, update.
Checking out the levelling sensors and linkage:
Rear linkage moved freely as well as the sensor itself was moving, turning freely. Nothing to be seen in the connector - both sides.
Front sensor was very stiff in the sensor end - but linkages were moving freely.
All linkages and the linkage arms are whole.
So I ended up changing the sensor itself. China copy.... a bit stiff it too. 
When I ordered the sensor, I removed the old one. And of course the warning light went on. 

After changing the sensor in the front - the automatic levelling does still not work when the engine is started. 

So, the thing I do not understand, is, why is there no fault codes? Its obviously a electric issue - or the motor/motors on the headlights are not working. 

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