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Pitch stop mount for a daily driver?


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Since it's over 16 years old and done 70,000 miles, I'm thinking about replacing the stock pitch mount on my '05 WRX Wagon. There is a Group N version with uprated rubber bushings but I'm leaning more towards an aftermarket mount with polyurethane bushings, as per the example pictured below. My only concern is the level of increased NVH. Am therefore after some feedback from anyone who has done this mod to an older Impreza. Thanks in advance.

Torque Solution pitch mount.jpg

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For this piece I dont think you will notice a difference - on my slightly later model I did not notice a change at all but I am running a noisier exhaust.

When you start looking at the engine mounts and gearbox / rear diff supports, things that take the weight of the units then you will see a change. I went for group N engine and gearbox mounts as a compromise. I did look at the solid engine mounts but the online feedback was it is just too much if used as a daily driver

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