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Piston slap


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Hi everyone. I am new here. I recently bought my first subaru. a 2006 wrx sti which is now on 110,000 mls.it was forged at 103,000mls. You can hear the piston slap when ever you accelerate, even when it's fully warmed up. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have  been told that piston slap is normal on a forged engine. But I would appreciate any advise. Thanks 

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Really depends on the setup and parts used. For example race engines tend to have higher clearances as they tend to have higher peak temps even with cooling mods like oil cooler etc so your unlikley to get it hot enough, however a forged road engine shouldnt be slappy once warmed up unless the clearances are too high.


do you know anything about the engine build?

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