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Actuator pipe work..


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So.. I’m new to owning an Impreza. I’ve got a 2001 uk300. It’s got a fmic and all the hard piping in place. I’ve had a new turbo fitted but was handed a box with all the silicone pipes off the actuator in it. The “mechanic” who done the turbo claims they are extra.. I call a massive pile of steaming BS. Can anyone either upload a pic of what goes where etc for me please. I don’t even want to start it as all these extra pipes where fitted before turbo was replaced. Thanks in advance. 👍

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Was the replacement turbo "like for like " or was it a upgrade?

Did the car get remapped afterwards ? 


As most mappers recommend a 3 port boost solenoid fitted prior to mapping,  as this gives them better control over the boost when mapping. 

If a 3 port is fitted it has to be "mapped in" and the mappers usually remove most of the stock turbo vacuum lines and run a new simpler  system (so you would get a handful back ) 

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