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Advice on selling an old Impreza GX

Simon Allen

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I am looking to sell an old Impreza GX (02 plate) but am not sure how to go about it. It's not in fantastic condition - the bodywork is poor in places, not everything works (it no longer has central locking - don't ask) but despite being 20 years old and having done 212K, it still runs pretty well and has 6 months MOT left. For personal reasons I can't keep it but for sentimental reasons I don't want to scrap it when it still has life left in it and could be useful to someone and still bring some pleasure. I don't know whether to try and sell it as a project/doer-upper or for spares - it still has a lot of good, clean working parts on it and if someone had the time and skill, I think it could be reasonably profitable. Any advice?  

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Tbh it wont have much value unfortunatly, alot of the valuable parts you find on wrx's and sti's wernt on the non turbo versions :(. could try a few local specialists to see if they are interested in having it for parts.

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