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Rear brake line through strut help!


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Hi guys, see pic is this right? 

There doesn't seem to be anyway to fix the brake pipe to the strut where it passes through, concerned that it may rub through the pipe, I didn't remove them hence the questions. 



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If the fitting on the hose at the bracket correct for SF struts the flat sides (needs rotating 90degrees) will fit between the raised parts of the strut bracket and a clip goes on the back and locates in the sides of the groove on the fitting .
Clips can be had via Subaru dealer parts counter  generally next day and are less than £3 each .
If that the wrong sized fitting some faffing about will be required or possibly a custom P clip bracket made .
It needs sorting as not really road safe left like that and be an MOT issue and a bigger issue in a accident vehicle inspection report ...
Also a good loophole for insurance void your cover ...
Seen a lot of half arsed mess on aftermarket poor fitment and poor installation brake lines over the years. amazing how someone thinks that half arsed job an upgrade !!

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hopefully all fits well but many times on braided lines you find the fittings wrong for bracket & hose rubs against strut or arch tub edge or sits far to close to it .
I suspect those lines might of been SG model versions and if so bracket fitting differs slightly .

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