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2007 Subaru Legacy R Spec B


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Hi, just joined today. 

Got my Scoob just over 3 weeks ago, brand new to the Subaru scene having wanted one since I was a kid. 

Few questions to ask. 


Aux input. I have a blank space in the cubby hole and besides a Bluetooth radio input, is there any other way to wire in an aux connection? 


Side window deflectors? Do they exist for legacy's or is it just a case of suck it up?


The biggest one for me is my boot release. I have to manually put it back to "pre-pop" position every time I open the boot, otherwise it won't open when it's locked/unlocked again. Does anyone have a part number or know of a breakers that would sell me one? 


I think that's about it for the time being. Really appreciate any feedback I get. 

Located in Bedford for anyone who's nearby / cares! 

I'll try and put a photo up if it'll let me. 


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Wotcha and welcome. my favourite front end of the legacy models

It is quite easy to run an aux cable - the standard subaru head unit does not have a jack, the aux extension is part of the loom. What head unit do you have. If it is aftermarket there is a good chance it will have an aux socket which you can run a lead to a 2.5mm female.

Talk to breakers about the loom if it is a subaru unit.


The rear release could benefit from a bit of lube of the moving parts and possibly teh cable - unless the cable has snapped?



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