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Aux audio jack socket kit


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Hi can anyone explain what is available in the way of AUX audio 3.5 jack socket kits for the UK spec cars(2007 legacy b spec satnav).

The only AUX jack socket available from the UK dealers is part no. H6210AG010 which consists of the socket and a small wiring harness(£75),

In the states there is a jack socket/usb combo AUX kit available H621SAJ220(socket$35) H6210FG011(wiring harness$36) not available from UK dealers,

Also in the states there is the ipod interface kit H621SXA200 ($95) again not available from the UK dealer network.

My question is do all of these AUX audio kits work with the UK spec cars or are we left with just the basic 3.5mm jack AUX kit at £75(one plug and a few bit of wre!!!!) for the UK market??

If this is the case how can it be??


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

This is from an email sent about the same part. Hope this help's or one of the Legacy owners can :D 




We are a store in the USA.
Our Subaru items and products have been tested for North American markets only.

We would have no way of knowing if this item can be used in markets outside of the USA
Subaru of America does not permit us parts look up or diagrams for outside markets.
We simply have no way to verify if this part will work in your vehicles I'm afraid.

To calculate shipping on our accessories site:
1 – add the items to your cart and continue

2 – go to your shopping cart, log in

3 – the web site will show you shipping options and prices before you are billed.

Contact me with questions.
Thank you,

Jamie Thomas 
Internet Parts Manager

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