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Td05 turbo

Shayne mordecai

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Stock subaru (Mitsubishi made)  tdo5 16g should be a straight swap . As long as they're both the same "entry" and fitted with the correct oil and water feed lines / banjo bolts for the turbo .... so I'm guessing it's a aftermarket turbo ?

With some of the early md , blouch ect big Garrett based stock location turbos , they used to cut some of the bellhousing away . As the compressor housing used to foul on the tmic bracket mounting bolt hole  (edge of the bellhousing) .


These were big 450hp + turbos , so they were running fmic's and didn't need the tmic mounts anyway . Saying that if it's a big tdo5 20g it should still fit (mine fits fine ) .


Tbh anything bigger than a 16 g on a any stock ej20 (other than the sti ej207 onwards ) is too big for the engine and 5 speed drivetrain hp limits .

Just thought I'd mention , in case you wasn't aware .That any change in airflow/fuelling will need to be mapped in straight away,  as fitting a bigger 350hp + turbo will flow much more air at a different rpm .

So fuelling /timing and boost targets would need adjusting accordingly , to not damage the engine .





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