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Boxer to e-Boxer


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Hi all,

2nd week of ownership of new e-Boxer Premium XV, part exchanged the 2018 XV Premium.

So far all good, in fact very good.

The ride appears to be smoother, according to Mrs.

Change from e-Boxer to standard Boxer drive train is fine no hassle

Paintwork is first rate (Horizon Blue) I had noticed a few minor blemishes on the original car (Pearl White).

However if the new is as reliable as the old I will be more than satisfied.

S&S Services of Ayr, my new Dealership, were superb.




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Bought my XV e-Boxer in October 2022 and am delighted with it, although its driving characteristics take a bit of getting used to. Recently completed a 400 miles round trip mostly on motorways and fast dual carriageways. I set it on cruise control, 65 mph for just about the whole journey. The 200 miles return leg indicated 47.1 mpg which I could closely verify by my own fuel-filling/odometer records.

This is my 3rd XV, 1 Forester and 1 Impreza STi.

I just wish for convenience, Subaru would design a dash cam into one of the installed cameras.

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Having made the same switch, from conventional to e-Boxer XV in Oct '22 I am pleased with my decision after some 5000 miles. Average fuel improvement is much greater than pundit reviews have suggested.

Two improvements that I would recommend to Subaru.

1. With so many cameras now installed, why not use one for integrated dash cam recording?

2. When the management system decides it is appropriate to switch from EV mode to IC engine, at low road speed, could the switch be 'softened'. I can imagine the jerk putting off some drivers. The switch cannot be felt at higher road speeds. It's also a surprise that having coasted to stop in a car park in EV mode, just as I select Park the IC engine fires up - can't see the purpose or necessity since I am about to exit the vehicle?

Bought from and serviced by Colin Appleyard, Huddersfield UK.

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That's interesting as I was considering replacing my 2015 diesel XV but was put off by the mpg figures quoted. Are they any good for towing?



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Sorry Norrie (and I'm not a poet), I cannot help with an opinion about towing with any Subaru. I've only towed hay bales behind a farm tractor.

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