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Engine ECU repair/replacement


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2010 Legacy euro 5 diesel..engine exploded and had no luck finding a decent low mileage unit . I managed to buy a very low (32k)euro 6 Forrester lump. With a few mods ,it fitted , but in the process I managed to transpose the loom from the ecu to the fuel pressure regulator/sensor...It does run ,but takes a fair few turns to start up. Fault codes are p0088--p0089--p1234--p2635. I have tried many "ecu specialists" but not one who will give a reasonable answer.What to do next is my question? attempt a rebuild with maybe up to £600 or buy a second hand ecu ,try and get the keys coded etc ..after all this whichever ecu is fitted will need the injector correction codes rewritten..thoughts and ideas please.

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They are all pressure related because the loom to the pressure sensor had the wires put in the wrong position..2010 engine loom connections are different to 2016.

Currently using a Legacy loom on a Forrester motor .The Forrester has a different ecu block different injectors ,fuel rail etc.

I know the ecu is spiked, just need a company who are able to repair or as I said ,can I go down the s/h ecu route ,re learn my key info or do I need a key bundle.If a s/h ecu can be the way ,is it dealer only?

I say the ecu is spiked because I have a power from the ecu, an earth, so 2/3 there but I also have a permanent power on the reference wire ,hence the fault codes. P2635 is a stuck SCV apparently

The complete engine was swapped except for the turbo as the original is fitted, as the intake pipes are different.


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