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I wouldn't put it in the top 5 as the best graphics car game out. But the game it's self is very good if you lose concentration or make a mistake, late break it's punished depending on how hard you have it set, but you hit a bump in the road wrong it all effect's the car as it should. The only thing I've not done to make it harder with this game was go with Manuel gears :) 

I'm just uploading another replay from the career mode in the WRC fiesta it's a lot faster and lighter if that makes sense you get the feel like that anyway :)  

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Here's the one with the WRC Hopefully be able to see how much faster and lighter the cars feel from the replay. But still by no means easy :D 


I've smashed the car up so bad that even didn't have enough time to repair the car. But I have no footage of that it got... errrrrm wet :D 

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