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11th November South Yorkshire meet.

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Hi all, again sorry for not posting as much as i have been but due to working in public services this time of year can be MANIC.


Ok so if the date is good with you guys and gals it shall be Monday the 11th of november, Depending on numbers is where it will be held, due to the short numbers and not wanting to mess Martin about it will be most likely on the retail park but it doesnt suffer any chavs anymore so it will be fine for us.


Obviously if i get alot of reponses i shall ask Martin just dont want to risk another no show.


so without further a do a few guidlines for the night :


No Litter (we need to show that car groups can behave)

No antisocial behaviour (wheelspins etc)


other than that lets enjoy the night and get to know everyone, as to what car/bike i come in or on is anyones guess, as my subaru decided to dump her oil in frustration to been neglected for the bike and thus needs two rocker gaskets and a sump gasket :(

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Yep off the leash !

There was a few people on the previous thread making noises about coming.

Suppose it's the time of year and what not. Its a 70mile round trip for me so would likebit to be worth while if you understand what i mean ?

Maybe if not enough people yo get martin to open up a pub meet would be more appealing ? I'll be comubg straight after work as traffic's terrible

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You mean Facebook not forum ? ...... you been drinking ;) And no I don't have control over facebook mate I can just let the powers to be know

And Sheffield twice in one week only my Missus can drag my !Removed! there that many time's :D  

No would love to have gone. Oh and when I was walking about I see loads of Subaru's driving about 2 silver blobeyes and a classic in the same colour you have. 

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Ah Gambit beat me too it :), gutted its raining as was giving my car a little pampering seasion kr atleast thats what i planned in a dream, we are a few cars down tonight as an old dear got the accelerator stuck And took out my mates focus st and one of has to work :( but i think it will still be a very good meet, ive asked martin to staynopen as well but if not there is a retail park just around the corner :)

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slight change of plan as Martins yard is unavailable, new meeting place for tonight :


Meadowhall Retail Park,

Attercliffe Common,


South Yorkshire,

S9 2YZ


Which for those just coming off the M1 will be alot easier too find :)

sorry for the last minute change and hope to see you all there soon :)

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