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New member - First time Subaru Owner - Interesting backstory

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Hello all,

New member here.

The car below has come into my ownership, having been owned by a couple of guys locally (it's never left the small town I live in) and most importantly, to me, is that my dad owned this very car from c2006 until 2010 when circumstances unfortunately meant it had to be moved on.

I was 17 when he purchased it and you can only imagine my reaction when I came home to see this on the drive, alongside his Clio Cup 172, another car he sorely misses.

It had the spoiler (I believe it is quite a rare one) basically from new, the morettes are also from new, it really looked like nothing else on the road at the time and the fact it's now mine is really quite unbelievable. The previous owner has spent numerous hours on making his own changes but I think it sits really well and I can't wait to get out there and show it to the world.

My dad's old car! My new car!


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Hi n welcome, nice looking car and history . I've owned my 94 sti for almost a decade and it was my brothers before he sold it to me .

Think that's the first blobeye I've ever seen with morettes fitted , its normally bug eye that get the lights  switched .

Spoiler could possibly be a s203 item but hopefully someone else can clarify that for you .


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I've got a Saxo VTR with morettes on too (in black) so it'll be nice to get them out together once I've got the engine fixed on the Saxo - doh!

Whereabouts are you in East Anglia mate I'm Stowmarket but my best mate is Colchester and we've been to a few of the meets - 6two1 and the one over in Ipswich at the air museum (iirc).


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