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Diesel Bug


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I recently bought a Forester which has been diagnosed with 'Diesel Bug'. So far the filters have been cleaned and the tank drained but it keeps coming back. The local Subaru garage doesn't seem to have any ideas apart from a diesel system cleaner but that doesn't have any biocide properties. Has anyone else had this? Can anyone suggest any treatments. So far it has been expensive and unsuccessful.

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Wotcha and welcome Jane - when boats get it they have to clean and flush the whole system flushing it alone will not clean it also many treatments are designed as a preventative action and can only be used once it has been cleared of the wee beasties.


Ill do some digging and see what they use in the Navy to get it cleared as I know it is a pain once its in there normally from foreign fuel supplies

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Ok so had some feedback and you would only get enough to treat a 1000 litre tank from my contact - over kill I thought but here is an alternative


they are called fuel biocides...



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