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2006 forester xt wagon, kinda,,,,,


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So the wife has a new papa, a 2006 forester XT, well it was an XT,





nwo some of you in the know might have spotted a few things off with it,


yes, they are brembo's, ues they are forester sti wheels, yes that is a 6 speed gear knob, yes that is sti seats and yes that is a toucan,

can you tell where this going yet?








It's had a little work, the basic spec,


Forged 2.5

6 speed sti gearbox

sc42 turbo

syvecs s7 with toucan

perrin front mount

perrin oil cooler

perrin AOS

Perrin inlet pipe and air intake

Brembo sti brake conversion all round

gt spec wrapped exhauste headers

usual supporting mods, injectors, fuel pump etc


and the worst part, she has more power than me 😞 it's 420 on high boost,,,, damit!

In all seriousness it's really nice, as happy tootling around as it isgiving it large haha


p.s. yes i have threatened to take a 'few bits' off it to go on mine,,, haha

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