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Subaru XV 2013 Clutch Master Cylinder Squeak PLEASE HELP!

George stanistreet

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 Hi all,

I am Desperate for some advice, I own a 2013 Subaru XV Diesel Manual. 

The car has had a squeaking clutch master cylinder since I purchased it about 6 months ago, I have spent countless hours and loads of money trying to resolve it and am now completely out of ideas..


Please see the video attached, The clutch master cylinder squeaks and worsens the more you drive it, you can really feel it binding as you press the clutch in and out.

What’s odd is if you leave the car parked overnight you will come back to the clutch with no noise but after 5 min of driving the noise is back.


You might be thinking maybe it's not the clutch master cylinder but I am 10000% sure it is just a question of why is it doing it.


What it feels like to me is the seals within the Clutch cylinder are dry and are not being lubricated but I have replaced absolutely everything including the fluid about 4 times.

It sez use Dot3 Brake fluid and I have been using Dot4 but technically Dot4 is a superior version and should have identical lubrication properties.  


But maybe someone can tell me otherwise?


Here is the list of everything I have tried.

-        Replaced seals in the clutch master cylinder.

-        Greased all moving parts around the cylinder & pedal with lithium grease, including squirting into the back of the cylinder.

-        Replaced the Clutch pedal spring.

-        Drained Clutch/Brake fluid and replaced.


After all that failed

-        Purchased new clutch master cylinder and installed – Drained brake fluid again and replaced.

-        Installed new clutch and fly wheel.

-        Replaced Clutch/Brake Fluid reservoir












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