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WRX STi 2009 suspension recommendations

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Hi Guys,

I’m after some sage advice for a new set-up for my ‘new to me’ 2009 WRX STi Impreza hatchback. Currently it’s on a set of BC coilovers which require replacing as the ride is far too firm and choppy! I don’t intend to do regular track days in the car, BUT! I do enjoy and early morning B-road blast 😁 So compliance and composure at speed are actually far more important characteristics that I’m looking for from my new suspension.

The car has Whiteline sway bars and drop links which I assume are correct for the current ride height, which is very/too low! Low enough that I have yet to see properly under the car as I can’t as I can’t even get low rise jack under the side sills! I’m unsure if there is enough adjustment in the drop links to cater for a ‘near stock’ ride height, but new drop links and proper geo are definitely going to be required post installation.

Also are there any recommendations for ‘specialists’ in the Sussex area of the U.K. that could carry out the full installation and set the car up so that is is a dream to drive again?

Many thanks for your thoughts and opinions 🙂

P.S. newbie to WRX world, but not newbie to Subarus 😉


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