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New to Subaru


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Hi all,

just bought a 23 Outback. Loving it so far and more impressed than I thought I would be. 
I am sick of ‘premium’ cars and then breaking and costing a fortune.

had BM’s, Merc’s and land rovers (all new) and they are or have been disappointing. Breaking and going wrong constantly. This year alone I’ve spend £8k on a new discovery that is just out of warranty for new turbos. 
So I have decided to give Subaru a try. They have a good reputation and not that common. I just want something comfy that goes when I need it to and do the occasional off road trip. 
so far so good and really like the Outback touring👍


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Very nice, hope it continues to please, a most unusual new car choice these days in the warmer parts of England

Once out of warranty you're also in the same county as one of the best mobile Subaru chaps out there.

Just out of interest how have noticed a big change in insurance premium? or did the large rises being suffered by some LR owners in cities (mainly London) not affect the fens?

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