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2004 Forester STI Air Oil Seperator


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Hi all, first post so hope I don't upset anyone?

My FSTI (right hand drive) is suffering a small amount of oil pooling in the turbo inlet pipe, I've a Grimmspeed seperator fitted but to be fair it is not very efficient.  Looked around for a package I could buy off the shelf, Imprezas are covered but not Foresters.  Just wondering if anyone has successfully fitted a good quality off the shelf system?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tidgy,

Sorry if I'm a bit of a pain, but could you upload a pic of the location of the AOS in your wife's car (I've an idea where it could go), this will give me a great start point for the installation without having to "reinvent the wheel"  so to speak?

Many thanks

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If you look at the pics on that thread, the last pic, round vertical can attached to the bulkhead. Only hicup is i doubt it will fit with the standard top mount intercooler.


Does yours have the secondary air system? where the pump sits could be a possible place if not.


Get some pics up of yours by the wsay 🙂

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