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Cable to hydraulic clutch swap on 2000 non turbo impreza


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I am currently swapping my clutch on my 2000 non turbo Impreza from a cable to a hydraulic, I have the pull type gearbox and diff to match, clutch, pedal assembly and pipework. I have purchased a new pull type clutch to go with the gearbox however the pressure plate bolt pattern does not bolt onto the original fly wheel. Does anyone have any ideas what flywheel I would need to buy to run the pull type clutch on my EJ20 2000 non turbo Impreza? I am aware the 2002 non turbo Impreza bug eyes have a hydraulic clutch so would their flywheel bolt onto my engine????? Someone please help no one seems to be able to give me a definitive answer and I don’t have the money nor time to be buying and trying 

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Unfortunately,  I have no idea if the crank bolt pcd and fitment are the same on 2ltr na and turbo .

I do have a v4 sti engine and flywheel in the workshop atm though . 

If the clutch you bought was for a "classic turbo" it will definitely fit any classic flywheel.  

If you measure the centres between the flywheel bolts ,diameter and thickness of the flywheel,  I could compare them too the one I have .

At least if it's the same measurements you give , it would be more likely to be the same dimensions elsewhere. So might be worth buying a turbo version flywheel and then see if you need the starter motor too .

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