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How to tell which engine ej205 or ej207?

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Hello, I am finally a subaru owner after wanting a blobeye sti ever since I had a computer rally game with one on the front cover when I was a boy. 

The example I have is not the best example which i knew when i purchased from auction. However the biggest concern I have is whether the engine is an sti ej207 engine or if it has been swapped with a wrx ej205 as most of the sti parts on the car have! I know where the 2 engine stamps are but one only tell you it is a ej20 engine and the other is a manufacturer batch number. The inlet manifold has been painted red by hand which gave me the wrong impression from the photos... I know that the paint does flake off them but from what I can see it was not painted red previously. The car is a uk car registered as a prodrive sti. 

Is there any clear way to determine if it is an ej205 or ej207 without pulling it apart and looking at the internals? I have searched all over the internet and cannot find an answer. I got the car for a good price regarding all the issues so my plan is to restore it over the next couple of years and enjoy it but I want to know if the engine will need to be replaced back to an sti unit.

Many thanks! 

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Thanks for the post. Just for those who are also searching, here are some things to look for 

STI ej207 injectors are pink which can be seen if use a torch (wrx ones are blue but obviously the sti injectors can be swapped as an upgrade) 

Red inlet manifold but obviously could be painted or swapped 

There is a sticker on the bottom of the left hand side timing belt cover as your looking at the engine which will say ej207 or ej205 but it is likely the sticker would be faded or gone 

If you remove the timing belt covers it will have the avcs cam pulleys (variable valve timing) if it is an ej207 however I believe the later wrx engines had avcs but I am unsure. The avcs also has a solenoid on the top of the cylinder head.

The ej207 uses a closed deck / semi closed deck block which has hatch marking on the engine casing somewhere I believe but not 100% certain.


If anyone can confirm these points / update any mistakes for future reference it would be appreciated 

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