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Guess what?! Another newbie!

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Evening all,


Total newcomer here. Recently bought a 2007 Forester 2.0 auto and hoping to learn more about my new beastie.


My Step dad has had Impreza estates for years, always non-turbo with low ratio gears. I've always rather liked them! Foresters hadn't been on my radar until my elderly neighbour was ready to move his on, having given up driving at the age of 94.


With 41,000 miles on the clock and at a price I couldn't refuse, I now have a Forester! It's been knocked around a bit, but I can tidy it all up in time. 

With a good service and a deep clean I reckon I'll have a decent motor, a family sized upgrade from my Civic which just isn't suited to my location and lifestyle (even though I love it to bits and will miss it terribly - I've never had a hatchback I can get sideways with this much confidence!) it's time to have something I can fit the kids and dogs and luggage in when the Mrs' xc90 has broken again!


Please forgive daft questions, I'll use the search as much as I can though. 

Very best,





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