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Purchasing a outback

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Hi, I'm thinking about buying an Outback around the year of 2020. Is there anything to keep eye on when looking at them and are there any models to stay away from?


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go 15 years older and you get 10 times the quality/durability/reliability at tenth of the cost .
Newer vehicles (subaru included) are expensive to maintain short life garbage .
This opinion comes from 32 years of repairing vehicles and running an automotive repair business  ...

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3 hours ago, Ade251170 said:

Hi, I'm thinking about buying an Outback around the year of 2020. Is there anything to keep eye on when looking at them and are there any models to stay away from?


Hi.  Welcome to the forum.  I have a 2020 Gen5 OB.  It's my first Subaru after driving various Skodas for years. I wanted/needed the OB because now I'm not commuting, I'm doing a lot more rural, equestrian activities and needed something for gentle off-road use (crossing fields, streams, rough tracks, etc.) for which it is great.

But....I've been plagued by front brake issues needing discs and pads to be replaced at low mileage at both the 2nd and 3rd services (hugely expensive).  I've never ever had this issue before on 40 years plus of vehicle ownership. I don't think this is necessarily a well known OB problem, but the experience has tarnished my enjoyment of an otherwise decent driving car, with loads of space, good ground clearance, goods wade depth ability,  and a sure-footedness on icy or muddy roads and even driving off sodden muddy verges, etc. 

The economy is, according to the onboard display, 32 mpg (rural driving unclassified or B roads often) and a full size spare in the boot with tools and horse tack, etc.).

The Subaru dealers and the IMG importers are woefully in my experience.  My asymmetrical wear brake problem is, according to them, all natural wear and tear and down to my high load usage (it only had 28,000 miles on the clock!) The dealer 'mechanics' seem to be just fitters rather than genuine mechanics, and just swop parts rather than diagnose an issue and solve it.  Of course, that's just my experience. I plan to keep the car for a few more months then will pass it on, and if any issues occur in that time I'll go to an Independent Subaru specialist, or anywhere else like my old independent Skoda specialist. 

Maybe something to consider, not a deal breaker perhaps, is that Subaru sell very few cars in the UK, and like Mitsubishi, might be another company to pull out of the UK and Europe.  If so, this may further impact on spares, etc. 

For me, the OB is the only newer Subaru in the range I'd consider as all the others are now hybrids.  I've driven the e-boxer Forester as a courtesy car, and it was a slug (dealer agreed quietly!). No options for spare wheels and smaller size petrol tanks, so range issues.

So, in summary, decent car if you're ok with the mileage/costs issues, safe and with decent soft road ability compared to the other so called SUVs.  I like that it looks like an estate too, rather than the ubiquitous SUV shapes you see. 

Oh, other niggles.  Because, like other modern cars there's so much tech the Battery is under strain, things like the radio switch off after only 5 mins (was 30 on the Skodas) when the ignition is switched off, annoying when sitting waiting and wanting to be entertained.  The service reminders aren't automatic and don't flash up a warning weeks, mileage before due!  You set them yourself too!.  No rear parking sensors on the Gen5! DAB reception on Gen5 is worse than my old 2015 Yeti! As i said above, you can fit a full size spare on the OB - a big plus for me. The auto stop start I always switch off, but if you do use it, it's really crude and jerky.   I can live with most of those, as it's a great drive and its size makes it really practical, but the servicing / dealer issue is a major headache.

Others will have very different experiences I'm sure.

Good luck.

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