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Forester XT - 2016 - Running rich - recurring issue


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Hello All,

My first post, so please bear with me.

Car owned from new and serviced as per manual by main dealer. The car was left with them for a considerable time to investigate. 

Code po172 indicating running rich recorded so action as follows undertaken.

Fuel tested - no contamination

Fuel pump tested - no issues

Air leaks checked - smoke test - no leaks

Low fuel pressure - no issues

Injectors - inspected and found to be dirty - all replaced

Fuel - tested on BP ultimate and subsequent refill with Shell V power 99 ron

After one month of running normally the problem has presented again. Does anyone have experience of similar issues? If so any tips appreciated.




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Not sure about mapping. It was run on 95 Ron with no issues until E10 introduced when the problem first arose at about the current mileage of 55,000 miles. The road tests post replacement of injectors and new MAF were undertaken on BP ultimate. I will be speaking with the dealer on Monday so will pose the question about mapping.


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