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Rust Under Subaru Impreza GB270

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Hi Guys,

Could do with some help. I recently purchased a Impreza gb 270. The upper body and engine are mint but the underside has extensive rust.

I have arranged for a new subframe to be fitted but the garage said after that the car will need work on the rust. I assume to stop and protect the car going forwards.

I live in Leicester and I am looking for a specialist to talk to locally that will know what they are doing and not cost me the earth.....my local Subaru garage charge £120 an hour for starters, just nuts...

Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. 


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If there is 'extensive rust' it will be alot more than just the subframe, archers and sills are common rust sposts. It's not a cheap repair im afraid and untill its looked at and stripped down its unlikly it will be known how bad it is (Subaru arcdhes go from the inner wing outwards as an example)

I use scoobyclinic up at chesterfield for all my work, they did both side sills past two years (one per mot).

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