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SUBARU BRZ GT300 Fuji Sprint


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SUBARU BRZ GT300 falls short of the finish line

Driver Yamano retires from SUPER GT after this race
2 December 2013
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A special round of SUPER GT - the FUJI SPRINT CUP 2013 took place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November at Fuji Speedway. The SUBARU BRZ GT300, which was competing in the GT300 class, had to cut short its races and remain in the pit after being hit by problems on both days.

With the event running an irregular schedule, 2 qualifying sessions for each class were held; each car being driven by 2 drivers on the first day (Saturday, 23rd), followed by a final race the same day and another on the next. The R&D SPORT team entered Kota Sasaki in the first race and Tetsuya Yamano in the second.

Under a clear sky on the first day, Sasaki started the first race in 5th place, following the result of the qualifying from a standing start, only to be passed by trailing cars and drop down to 15th. After struggling for a while, he came back to the pit on Lap 13 where he had to give up going back out and so he did not finish the race. Driver Sasaki later apologised, “We have so many fans watching the race and I am terribly sorry about the disappointing result”.

The second race in the GT300 class started at 2:00pm on the Sunday. Driver Tetsuya Yamano competed in his final race, having already decided to retire from SUPER GT at the end of the event. From 9th place on the grid, Yamano got off to a slow start and came back to the home straight in 12th. Without being able to pick up his pace even after that, he made a pit stop on Lap 13 when he felt strong vibrations, and he had his tyres replaced. However, things didn't get better and he returned to the pit on Lap 20 again where he finally gave up on the race.

General Team Manager Hideharu Tatsumi commented, “I'm disappointed to end the final races of this year with these results. We have been developing our race car throughout the year and we still have an unresolved issue of a mismatch between the chassis and tyres in cold weather like today's. Next year we will repeat some tests to overcome this situation. I really appreciate the continuous support that our fans have shown this year. Thank you very much”. 
While these 2 races of the SPRINT CUP were also fought over for the JAF Cup title, the LEGEND CUP race, which gains popularity every year, was also incorporated into this event. The LEGEND CUP is a one-make race in which star drivers from previous years compete. This year, the Toyota 86 and SUBARU BRZ race cars were chosen. A total of 23 Toyota 86 or BRZ race cars appeared with their owners along with legendary drivers taking turns to drive them. The SUBARU BRZ entered by STI and driven by Tetsuya Yamano and STI General Team Manager Hideharu Tatsumi, brought a lot of excitement to the event.


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