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F1 Trailer For 'Human Ignition'


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Is This The Future Of Formula One?

|exploring the future of F1 in the year 2030.

'Human Ignition', a co-production between Lotus, Burn Energy Drink and VICE, features comment from some of the greatest minds in motorsport, and design ideas that will make your mind race.

Director Bryan Gregg tells HuffPostUK, "We have a framework script, but a lot of the stories have come from the engineers we're working with. We’ve created a blueprint, but the story’s about innovation and creativity, so they lead the story... It's a creative look at people doing really innovative things in their world.

'Human Ignition' will be on release in spring 2014. Take a look at the trailer here...



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nice trailer - i know they need to do something to generate more interest - any motorsport where components are designed to fail during the race I think is a bit pants, they should have it designed so that all involved are trying to be the best at what they do, afterall this is supposed to be the pinnacle of motorsport engineering

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