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Clutch Replacement 2.0 Turbo - Anyone here dunnit?


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My problems continue with this damn jalopy! Finally, the clutch is working I beleive, the pedal in the right position, no leaks etc, but today, towed for the first time (largeish MTD Ride on mower on a trailer) and shock of all shocks - it couldn't manage it. The clutch slipped so badly I had to unhitch and use the Freelander.


So, I am assuming that there is no adjustment on the clutch itself as its hydraulic and the only adjustment is the pedal position in accordance with the Master Cylinder to get the pedal to sit in the correct place - therefore, the clutch itself is worn. Its no surprise as its done around 110k IIRC.


I have had a look at the workshop manual and its says I have to completely remove the transmission from the car, which looks a long winded job that requires two people. (I do however remove and replace Landrover IRD's on my own and they are fricking heavy!!). 


The clutch kit looks to be a reasonable price - around £180 for one of these, but with my virgin knowledge of these cars, I dont know if I can afford the learning experience with the backlog of other cars!

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Well, its a bit odd, but the clutch "appears" to be working ok for now. I re-adjusted the rod connecting the Master to the peddle by about 1/4" (about 6mm for you younguns!) and it didn't slip with 3rd and 4th under hard acceleration up hill so I have to assume that I had over adjusted it when I was trying to get the peddle sorted. Oddly though, it worked fine from that point until the other day.


If it slips again I will whip the transmission out and put a new clutch in. It doesn't look too difficult - no worse than Freelander IRD's

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