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HID light upgrade

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Want to upgrade (as topic title suggests!) but have been having a few issues:

1) I have a 2003 import sti, which has separate low and high beam bulbs - and everything i read says it should have a single dip/high H4 - can anyone advise on this because what i can physically see and what im reading are two different things!

2) i have been told that something to do with the wiring on subaru's restricts the initial ampage needed for the ballast to turn on the hid and therefore they wont turn on - again is this true?

If anyone can advise me on what i need/where i can get it from (links much appriciated!)

Cheers guys

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Sorry I can't help either I've not done it only changed the headlights to after market. Bug has morretes and the blobeye is an aftermarket set off fleebay with LED side lights. never done a full HID conversion . I did read a little bit but like Jay said about the MOT I gave up on the idea as I didn't know enough and had other thing's in the to do pipeline at the time :D 

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Jonny can you remember where you got them from? What bulb type they were etc?

Iam back at work on Thursday I think they may still be in my mates workshop so I'll find out, don't know where they came from. They were on the car when I got ιt! They are good but I don't lιke them

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