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Central lock help


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Hi guys,

I just bought a 2003 Subaru WRX STi and the central lock doesn't work. I replaces the Battery in the key, still nothing...
I tried doing this: 
"First unlock car manually with key remove driver side kick panel/lower A pillar trim connect locking registration wires together(two white connectors,black wire and black and blue wire)press and hold central locking switch on drivers door in the unlock position .interior lamp will flash and an acoustic sound will be heard. now get your key and press unlock and then lock the door should lock then unlock"

but when i hold unlock button nothing happens... frown.gif

any suggestions?

I have the 1 button key, COJ12

Thanks smile.gif

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when I connect the two wires ( black, black & blue in footwell ) nothing happens, when I press the unlock button the central lock unlocks, but after holding it for 10 seconds nothing happens, I dont't hear any sound, the lights don't flash.

I made a mistake in my previous post, it's not the central lock that doesn't work, I think it's only the keyless entry ( remote )... So when I press the button on the key nothing happens, and that's what I'm trying to fix


Thanks :)

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