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06 Forester STi front lip spoiler?

Sammy C

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Hi guys, I'm after a front lip spoiler for my 06 forester sti. I've seen quite a few on google images and think they subtly lmprove the looks of the front end, providing they're sprayed the same colour. I'm finding it quite hard to find somewhere to buy one though! Anyone have one or know someone/somewhere best to get one?


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Front splitter I call them but can be called valance, lips, spoilers,  I've seen some nice Foresters with them on. I think you would need to get a Subaru Impreza or a Legacy one and have it fitted but could be wrong I will do some searching 1st 

I did see this not sure how well it works but might give the look you want with less cost 


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Thanks guys! the budget option does seem a very straightforward solution although I doubt you'd be able to spray it?

I've just come across this which looks like it would fit but it's so !Removed! expensive!


I'll carry on looking and might make some calls...

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Ok so guys I decided to go for the cheap eBay job. Thought I'd give my opinion for anyone who might be considering going down this route.... The material wasn't what I was expecting; I thought it would be similar to a wiper blade gasket like material but it's basically a spongy foam material. Looks like it will rip easily and flex easily due to air resistance. I'm not expecting it to last long... I took a snap this morning - excuse the fact that I haven't got round to cleaning the car! I payed around £25 from eBay. post-1766-0-06163300-1388927738_thumb.jp

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