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Cobb tuning


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Wotcha and welcome


I looked at the accessport and initially decided against it for the following:


 I wasnt going to be performing diagnostics and analysis as frequently as what that will enable - a laptop and OBD port adapter would suit that purpose.


The downloadable maps are done for a generic car which is fine but you have that currently with the OEM Subaru map but if you have one done by Andy Forrest or Jolly Green Monster you start with generic and then it gets tweaked specifically for your car and so will be spot on.


I stand to be corrected but... as I read / understand the maps are designed around the NAS product which has different petrol grades and barometric pressure / weather etc so whilst that may not have a huge effect a tuner in the UK / Europe will be tuning for local conditions and again getting it spot on.


The Accessport product is a great piece of kit and if you want the flexibility it provides say for tweaking on a day to day basis for individual tracks / weather conditions I would consider it - once you have had a baseline map to your car from a local tuner.


If you want it for things like turbo boost etc get your hands on a newer Subaru LCD head unit which plugs into the CANBUS and will display all of that info

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