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Hi from Sth Oxon


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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

And as Jay pointed out had a few in the past few months from the Landrover side :)

Not sure what your budget is but I'd have a look at the Subaru XV Dogconker has a very nice looking one :)


Thanks for that - I've found a Forester just before Christmas - I had toyed with a 2.5 XT I'd seen but the fuel consumption figures were worse than the Defender ...   so I've gone for a 2010 DX which suits my current needs for lugging the family, dog and camping gear about.


It is just 3 years old so is getting an early service, new tyres and a MOT before I pick it up - hopefully this weekend.

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No problem I thought you was still looking and thought I'd give some food for thought ;) 

good choice of car should be ideal for what want it for. Not sure how it compares to a defender off roading so would be interested to hear a 1st hand review, if you get chance :) 

And I can see this week dragging you now then. Late Christmas :D 

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Hoping to pick it up this weekend if everything gets done.


It will obviously lose out to the defender on ground clearance and low ratio control - but for what I need, i.e. getting out of the village when it snows, muddy lanes, tracks and wet fields I think the Forester will be more than a match.

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