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2002 impreza 1.6 mis-fire

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Hey all,

I had the engine management light come on last week so I put an OBDII reader on it and as described above I have a mis-fire in cylinder 1, I checked with the engine running at night and noticed sparks going from the lead to the coil. Upon checking it the next day I found a blue powder inside a port of the coil that's bolted to the top of the engine.

Does that mean I need a new coil or leads or both and where can I get one from on the cheap please folks ?!

Thanks in advance

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You're right it's one or the other not sure be able to say which one with out getting them out and looking I'd also look at the plugs. 

I'd give eBay a check see if you can find any on there or look at some breakers yards. Main stealers will be a rip off I'd say :(


And welcome to S.O.C :) 

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You're welcome mate

And I would say they will be hard to get and common to go too. So would say be one of the 1st things that is sold of a car being broken 


A list of breaks that might be able to help is here 



Couple more I know will get the details for you when I get chance :) 

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