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Drop links changed


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Managed to find a spare hour this afternoon to change the drop links on the Fozzy, typically 1 nut was a right €&beep** to get undone so ended up hacksawing it off. Fronts done now and knocking gone, im going to do the rears as well at some point.

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Fair enough.. what torque values did you tighten everythong back up to. I'm gonna take a look at mine in the next week or so.

They seem to be a weak point been looking back through the m.o.t advsiories and the n/s has been flagged up every other year for excessive wear. They were fairly new when i got the car but i'm just keeping an eye on them.

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I polly bushed the links and arb's on my mazda hardest thing was getting underneath to reach them on that. I love the way it's so easy to do work on the underside of the foz.

I bought a cheap torque rench from manchine mart they do come in usefull. Keep mime in the car, doubles up for taking wheels off as i didnt have a brace

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