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Greetings from Gloucester


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Hi everyone,


Greetings from a very wet and windy Gloucester!


After being the owner of a highly modified Subaru Impreza 99' (and having to sell it as the wife thought a house was more important :(), I have spent the last 5-6 years longing to get another one!!  Therefore, I have now just bought myself a 56' Hawkeye Impreza STi and taking the opportunity at the same time to join this forum.


I apologise if some of my early questions are stupid, but I have been away from the scene for a while and alot has changed in the last few years.


Whilst I am under orders not to modify the car too heavily, the car I have bought has just had the engine rebuilt by API (as the common Piston problem with the 2.5 struck); so at least that saves me worrying about the ringlands and paying out for a rebuild!!


Looking at suggestions for a good mapper for a remap now the engine has been run in - if anyone can suggest someone?  It has the PPP pack, but definitely needs some more 'tweaking'.


Also looking to see if there are any get togethers in the Gloucestershire area too?





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Wotcha and welcome - I also have had to trade toys for bricks and morter in my time - as you have experienced it does work out with a bit of patience :)


Sounds like you have a great basis already - do like the Hawkeyes myself - wrt mappers Andy Forrest comes up alot but a chap that does regular work for members on here is the Jolly Green Monster (JGM) but you could also look at Scooby world in Loughborough they do the ECUTek product.








There is a garage in Gloucester set up by members on here specialising in Subaru's - MD Performance




hope this fills in a few gaps in information :)

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Thanks mate, for both the welcome and the information.

I like the hawkeye shape especially, but was worried about their documented frailties and was looking at a few other options including some JDM twinscroll imports. Went for the type UK version in the end for practicality and the fact API had just rebuilt and upgraded the engine so I knew it was good.

Looking forward to getting back into it again....I've missed it. I used to live and work in Essex/Suffolk and thats where I owned my previous Scooby. Glad to hear that there are a few people around the Gloucester area as was worried there wouldn't be anyone!

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