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Forester exhaust


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Hi, thanks fo reply about exhaust, I've spoken to a few people about custom made but that's out off my price range at the moment, I'm thinking of getting an impreza sti exhaust & making it fit as as cant find a forester sti exhaust anywhere also I know a really good wielder & he's into his subaru's :) he's got a prodrive exhaust but it was off his 99 impeza so not sure if it's going to fit so I'm keeping an eye out for an sti exhaust for my 2004 forester wheres best to look thanks for the help Ian:)

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Good luck on your search mate,my old one from my legacy will be up for sale next month if you've not sorted one out by then.you would have to modify it slightly,its a 3 1/2 inch exit stainless,I'm pretty sure it's a haywood and Scott but can't say 100% as it was on the car when I got it, I'll have a look through its history when I get five.

I'm off to play with myself with some 80 grit sand paper

Laters dudes

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Not that much mate,if it is suitable and you are interested I'm sure we can work something out price wise.ive goto get under the car anyway ( to get away from the mrs) so I'll take a couple of pictures of it.its clean, when I give the car a good wash I always do the whole back box with autosol

It's identical to this



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