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PPP vs Aftermarket Mods

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I'm looking at a few Foresters at the moment and one of them costs £1k more but it has the PPP and Prodrive alloys. I was wondering how good is the kit vs going for a remap and milltek system. I will be doing other mods and supporting mods for an 18g this summer so I just want to know if its worth paying the extra for the prodrive kit?

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The PPP really just helps hold the value of the car IMHO, It would cost less to get the same set up really with aftermarket parts. If you wanted to keep it standard the Prodrive I'd say was the better option. But if you are going to play around and tune it I would use the extra £1000 to buy more mods ;)   

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when it comes to the exhaust PPP options tend only to be the backbox so getting a full milltek system will reap more results (with filter, map and uprated fuel pump)


form an insurance persepctive dealer fitted PPP options tend to be more friendly giving wider options but if you shop around there are more people now willing to offer insurance to modded cars at a reasonable cost

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