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Viscol oil, any good? also advice on Winter/Summer oils.

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Hi all,


Oil is as I recall on the Subaru forums a done to death topic.


But does anyone know about the UK company Viscol?



A lot's talked about oil and some people seem to think unless you're pouring the likes of Millers in the sump you might aswell be filling it with sandy seawater! 


In a local shop they're doing a fully synthetic 5w30 Viscol stuff for a good price, just wondering if it's worth getting.  I change the oil around every 6 months or 3000 miles.


Which leads me onto my next question.  The factory recommendation is 5w30 but most use slightly thicker stuff.  For Winter use in a car which mainly potters about with the odd spirited drive thrown in is 5w30 ok do we all agree?


I ran my previous Impreza on 5w30 in the colder part of the Winter months and a 15w50 in the hotter Summer months and it seemed perfectly happy.  Got used fairly hard sometimes but no track days or sustained high speed runs on motorways (where's the fun in a motorway with an Impreza anyway?!.)


Any thoughts on that? anyone else do the same?


On another note I'm working on a warm start system compromising various factory bits and pieces, I'll do a write up as it progresses!  any help at all from a dead cold start is a good thing IMHO :)

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As long as it has a JASO or API approval on it, fully synth I would be happy - I dont see an issue changing between the weights as you have done particularly with the frequency both are within the Subaru manual range

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Cheers chaps! 


Will hopefully be better for the weekend, a wash and pics to follow if so! (for the car, not me, but you never know!)


Just ordered a Sigma S30 to replace the 'professionally' ravaged alarm on the car, from what I can tell it's the updated version of the M30 which was factory fitted so I'm hoping it should be easy to fit! 

Daft as it sounds, having to unlock the car with a key has been a real downer! plus no alarm, no insurance cover if stolen I suppose!


I've got a couple of little projects to write up asap, if all goes well there's hopefully something useful to come out of it which will help those with a loose shaft... on the gear linkage front anyway! :D


Fingers crossed it's a goer!

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Lol Gambit, I'll see what I can do! ;)


Will do Jay :) hoping it's of some benefit to others aswell when done! 


I've also found a set of JDM power folding mirrors complete with the correct switch for an amazing price, and they're in the correct colour for my car too! talk about lucky!  yet another project then!  :lol:

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