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So long and thanks for the FSH


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I've now sold the Forester and it goes tomorrow. Thank you to all on here who have put up with my questions (especially as most of them I really should have known the answer to!) and answering them.


I took the car for the MOT this morning and it flew through, with its new rear shocks etc. I got two hardly worn Bridgestones on it yesterday for £30 each, so all in all it hasn't cost me too much, only time.


The new owner is going to have a cracking car with absolutely everything done and working correctly on it and it sparkles inside and out.


I will keep popping on now and then to see if I can help anyone :-)


Thanks again to all, this certainly has been one of the best forums I have used (and believe me I have been using them for many years and been a moderator on a few too!!!)



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Thanks mate always nice to hear from time to time :D.

And like Jay said you're always welcome to just pop back on even if it's just for a bit of banter :D

And shame you wasn't keeping the Fozzie been nice to have had a Forester Moderator in the staff team ;) 

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