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Hello all


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Hi All, after my local owners club/forum closed due to inactivity - I needed to fill my web browsing routine with another club. Didn't take long to find this place, so here I go!


Here's my Subaru, a 2005 STI with 48k miles.




I've had the car since November 2012 and have spent a fair amount of time/love/money on the car since. I'll sort out a summary of my progress so far in a build thread when I get half an hour or so. :)


Got plenty of plans for this year, and hoping to get to some shows to see some other cars and meet some people.



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Wotcha and welcome - that's a purposeful looking vehicle you have there, clearly not lacking in attention, am interested in whats hidden behind the bodywork also.


We have a group going to Japfest at Castle Coombe (and Donnington in future) so if you would like to sign up please feel free to.


ahhh - I was just looking for the link to post and see your already posted there ;)

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C

Love the car very nice 

Hopefully we can fulfill your internet needs :) 

And not sure where abouts in the north you are but have a few members getting a meet organised so maybe something you can join in with if you wish or invite some of your old members if you still have contact with them. :D

But either way feel free to join in on the forums all a good bunch on here if I do say so myself :D 

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