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HT leads on 2003 2.5 Outback


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I've just bought my first Subaru; a 2003 Outback 2.5SEn. Absolutely LOVE it... but:


When i put my foot down the first day i got it home, it was misfiring a bit and then came up with an engine warning light (CEL) and "cruise" light was flashing.  Local garage diagnostics came up with Misfire on Cylinder 2 then cleared the codes. So I'm looking to replace the plugs and HT leads.


I ordered some from  Eurocarparts. The plugs are Bosch FR7 KPP33U+ (platinum/Iridium), but the prospark leads they stock are the wrong length. (they were 40980513J for ref).


Does anyone have any recommendations for what leads I should use? I don't need very high performance so not looking for top of the range leads; just something which fits!


Many help in advance for any help you can offer!



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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

I'm not sure mate I will have a dig around see if I can pull anything out. Hopefully maybe one of the Outback or Subaru Specalist might be able to help more than i can 


So the ones you have are these 


Cross Section [mm²]: 5
Length 1 [mm]: 325
Length 2 [mm]: 535
Length 3 [mm]: 475
Vehicle Trim Level: ohne Zündspulenkabel

Other Part Number:
Part Manufacturer:



will have to have a look in a bit mate only ones I can find at the minute 

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Hi Gambit,


Thanks for the reply.


The only identifier I have on the current ones is: Packard 0102 R-16-AIPS. They are numbered for each cylinder.



I've returned the prosparks now but the code you quoted is right. Where did you get the details from? You've quoted much more than was on the box/invoice.



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Some Blueprint ones here that may fit, I have dealt with these suppliers before and they were helpful so might be worth a call to confirm



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