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alloy calipers re-anodized

cusco scooby wagon

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just found a company that's agreed to reconditioned (anodize ) my  calipers to a few choice colours,


   the main colours are the Brembo Gold and  Aeroquip Red's and  Blue's for now .


  so if your looking to splash out on detailing the engine bay with alloy BLITZ  style oil caps /catch tanks / aeroquip fittings / tire valves /and and fancy colour coding the calipers too watch this space.


 am going to be taking them in next week and see what he can do apparently the shine is all dependent on  how good the surface is to start with so a bit of polishing and buffing will be getting done at some stage.


 only BILLET /CNC items can be anodized because cast comes out like 'brown' all depending on the makeup of the cast ingredients etc.


       SO keep an eye out for up dates

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sure are i dropped said  calipers and 1 pr of blue bells and 4 wheel centers and a new  red BLITZ oil cap  today,  all  coming back matching cherry red anodized .


 i had them in the dish washer last night twice........and a session with greaser and Mr muscle very hard things to get clean with out polishing or other abrasive materials.


  which i was told not to use so its a overnight soak and polish hopefully you can polish a !Removed!! we shall see.

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