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Hello from Kent

Jay Scott

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hi, I am the new owner of a w reg forester s turbo. I have owned one before and totally regretted selling it ! Anyway I have bought this one on the cheap as it doesn't start at the moment!! it cranks just fine but will not start. I can hear the petrol pump priming so my next stop is spark but I cant do this until my replacement Battery turns up Monday. 

It also looks like somebody in the past has removed the sigma alarm ( cant find it anywhere) and I dont have a fob? but like I said it cranks fine. I hope to learn alot from more experienced members here. Thanks Jamie

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hi, thanks for the welcome. oddly I do have the key pad in the glove box and the reciever/antana thingy behind the steering wheel dash but no actual alarm box? oh and a siren  under the bonnet? I'm pretty sure its been removed or partially removed in the past? I hope to have it running  week (fingers crossed)

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