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MOT needed on US SPEC 2011 WRX

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Hey guys I'm new to the UK and have my subie that I brought over from the states. I modified my rear wing light to be the "fog" light and changed the headlights and tail lights to meet specs needed here. Only thing I really really don't wanna touch is my full 3 inch TB exhaust...anyone know a place that'll take care of the MOT for me WITHOUT having to adjust this? Thanks in Advance!

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I had a thought last night about you converting the spoiler brake light to a fog light - why didn't you put a lamp in the rear light cluster - are they that different in the US?


Also something to check wrt the high level spoiler light now being a fog light, I know the reason they are there is by law on new cars - there was legislation passed saying new cars needed a brake light x amount of height from the floor, they reckon they found that people could see others in front braking through windscreens etc and it gave them more time to react - hence the new Jag XK's having a little boot spoiler which unfortunately causes the front end to go light at 120+ - something that would not be there by design but is there by law.


What I dont know is how the deviation from a new standard by law will impact the MOT as a modification - wouldn't want you to get caught out

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Thanks Jay I spoke with Mark at TD and he is going to put in a loaner cat to do the MOT and take it back off once he's finished no harm done. Quoted me just over £100 for all in the end I think a pretty good deal and no one gets a spotlight on em. Thanks again!

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