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Go Pro 3 Black edtion £259 at Currys/ Argos.

Scooby Pete

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Both Currys and Argos are selling the Go Pro 3 Back for £259, thats £100 off.

Just picked mine up :)


Argos seem out of Stock but Currys still have them in stock.


This has been replaced buy the Go Pro 3 Black + which has 4k and a few other bits @£359






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I want one of these but don't know if I can justify the money to use it once or twice a year
I've got a cheaper one for sale



the wife bought it for me, but I've never used it, so it's still boxed like new. I'd take £30 + p&p

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Have to say having taken it out the box it's an impressive piece of kit, loads of accessories inc the £80 wifi remote, in my case I would rather have had the touch screen instead as the iphone app can do the same as the remote it does the screen as well but it's not as good as the plug version. No app on android yet though.

You have to by a high speed micro SD card as it's not supplied, I got a Sandisk Ultra 8g (I think) for £20 from Tescos.

Will have proper play when it's fully charged.

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